After the Fire, it's Gone! Post#35

Recently we had a job to move a Generator from one location of a house that had burned to ground and to move it to storage for a later reinstall. But by time we had arranged the pickup, it was Gone! Someone had stolen the Generator from the site. This made a bad situation worst for the homeowner.

So a couple of thoughts for preparing for if God forbid, your house is involved in a fire:

1) Have your Generator set on a concrete pad or bolted to a PreFab Slab, if easy access by a vehicle.

2) Keep the unit locked.

3) If the house is unsecured, have the unit moved quickly to a secured warehouse.

4) Maintain Model/Serial # of unit with all other important documents in a fire safe or off premises.

5) Make sure your Homeowners policy covers your unit at replacement value.

Doing these things will help to reduce your stress and loses in case of a fire. Thanks for letting me share with you!