Backup Power for Now and Later

Oftentimes, I have young couples come to me to resolve their solution to increasing power outages. Oftentimes, they don’t foresee the opportunities of this 20-year investment into peace of mind. Not only are we solving the problems of their short-term needs, but in the seasons to come, they may face other obstacles in which a generator will provide the comfort and security that they may need. In recent years, employers are allowing more employees to work from home multiple days per week with a very strict rules about working consistently. Unfortunately, power outages can damage that relationship and responsibility to the employer. Additionally, young professionals often have to travel, leaving families at home facing inconvenient power outages alone. The home business is a fast-growing market and consistency with customers will be crucially important. As far as the home itself and its security, backup generators actively work to protect the home from the many seasons of life that a couple may go through. When a dangerous storm hits, flooding, loss of food, burglary, and discomfort to family pets during outages are issues that can be prevented by a stable backup power source. Then later there be may be another season and another destructive storm when it is just too inconvenient or impossible to move a family from a home to a hotel, and a portable generator Is just too difficult to work with and potentially dangerous. Then there is the last season when the elderly parents just want to live in peace and security, be independent as long as possible and not be a burden to their children. It is too often that we find parents coming to live with their children because of an unexpected power outage. They need the comfort and security that comes with a generator so that they feel safe in their own home; it can even be life-saving. So you see, the backup generator for the home is a long-term investment for the many seasons that a couple will go through. The best time for a young couple to purchase a generator is when there are financing options available, when their income is growing or when it is already sufficient rather than when their income is only their investments. Give us a call to discuss your needs for now and the next 20 years with a free in-home consultation from Southern Power Experts. Let me help you to find your peace of mind.