Sure, we will install your purchased generator, BUT

This week, we had another customer from Atlanta ask us to install a generator they had purchased. I said sure, we will install your new generator, BUT let’s lay down the ground rules about liability first: It will be your responsibility to order the correct equipment, have it shipped to you, and store it until […]

Backup Power for Now and Later

Oftentimes, I have young couples come to me to resolve their solution to increasing power outages. Oftentimes, they don’t foresee the opportunities of this 20-year investment into peace of mind. Not only are we solving the problems of their short-term needs, but in the seasons to come, they may face other obstacles in which a […]

Professional Generator Installation near Sandy Springs, GA

Don’t Mix and Match One of our services we offer is to install only Generators and Switches you may have bought or was given too. That is great but don’t mix and match. Don’t get a generator of one manufacturer and an auto switch from another. Some manufactures make for other brands like Generac private […]

Sometimes DYI costs you more

Came across a opportunity yesterday where a Homeowner did a little DYI on an outlet but the short caused the backup generator to kick in. The answer was a 100 amp breaker in a subpanel box had opened. It cost the HO a service call but it was only a flip of a breaker. Lesson […]

We Solve Your Generator Problems Near Sandy Springs, GA

I meet with an 81 year old women today that was concerned about living by herself and didn’t feel safe. A few years ago her area had a power outage for 2 1/2 days and she had to depend on her wonderful son in law to get a used generator and get her basics running […]

I bought my own Generator! Now what?

Now it is time to call the professionals! Let’s see, an electrician, a plumber, and concrete contractor for the slab. And the little things like getting it activated, registering for warranties, getting promotion warranties activated, connecting to WiFi, and programming exercise mode. A lot of work and time and will they do it right? Or […]

Generator Installation Cost Near Sandy Springs, GA

The number 1 question is “What does it cost to install a Standby Generator?”. Cost depends on a lot of factors. Our whole house 20KW 2019 special is a bare-bones simple installation. Here are things that add to the cost:  Which units fit your house? The cost difference between a smaller managed system vs a […]