Is the Whole House deal for me?

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Is the Whole House Deal for me? So let's talk about what you get and what cost more.

What you get for $7,650 (20 kw),a auto switch and install:

A new in box, straight from the factory distributor, 20 kw NGas or Propane Generator with a 200 amp automatic switch. American made by the largest manufacture of Residential Generators in the USA. A major brand name (No Reburbs or discontinues).

3 year on Gen and 5 year on Auto Switch factory warranty.

Optional for your peace of mind, distributor can ship FEDX straight to your door or we delivery.

Installation if less than 10' from gas meter or propane tank and 25' from Electric panel box or service disconnect.

Must have a flat surface for the Generator to work with. Border and gravel base w/ concrete piers included.

All gas pipe, wire, conduit, and hardware included.

Licensed and insured electricians on site for installation. Will install as per local and state codes.

What cost more:

A larger unit for a house over 3500 sq ft or wiring for load management of appliances- varies

Any Propane regulators required. up to $200

Wiring beyond 25' or commerical grade materials required. up to $10 per ft.

PreFab Concrete base $400 or Poured concrete base $450.

Additional 5 yr factory warranty on Generator $750

Annual maintenance agreement and priority service- $195 for once a yr service.

Installation outside of Metro Atl. -$3 per mile each way

Weekend installation - rate varies

HOA and special permits


Remote 24/7monitoring

Extended Warranties

Larger or smaller units are available to suit your needs.

How to secure your deal:

Call us now to schedule your free onsite evaluation and proposal. or 470-557-4373