Sure, we will install your purchased generator, BUT

This week, we had another customer from Atlanta ask us to install a generator they had purchased. I said sure, we will install your new generator, BUT let’s lay down the ground rules about liability first:

  1. It will be your responsibility to order the correct equipment, have it shipped to you, and store it until installation day. We will provide a free in-home quote to help you with your order and provide a firm cost for a turnkey installation.
  2. It will be your responsibility to handle any claims with the trucking company for damages or missing parts of the order. Oftentimes, an order may come in on multiple pallets.
  3. Please know your quote will be a one-day, one-trip charge with two licensed electricians and two installers. We will bring all the needed wiring, conduit, piping, brackets, and materials for a level, solid base. Payment will be due in two parts; the first half will be due at the time of order, and the second half will be due on installation day. IF ISSUES WITH EQUIPMENT OCCUR THAT ARE BEYOND OUR CONTROL OR FAULT, AN ADDITIONAL $900 WE BE CHARGED FOR A SECOND-DAY TRIP AND DUE AT THE COMPLETION OF INSTALLATION. Since we will NOT have had the chance to test the equipment before installation day, payment will be due regardless of whether the equipment is successfully in operation or not.
  4. WiFi setup and promotional preparation can be negotiated within our contract.
  5. Extended warranty purchases can be purchased through Southern Power Experts.
  6. You will be responsible for pallet, cardboard, and plastic disposal.

We will provide you with the same quality work and professionalism whether you are purchasing the generator yourself or we provide a total turnkey service.

Southern Power Experts also offers Preventive Maintenance Plans to maintain your peace of mind. Also, instead of using your money and waiting two weeks for delivery we offer a 2% cash check discount done on schedule in about 10 days. Generac also provides financing through Synchrony Bank to help you with your purchase, installation and additional gas services, all in one.

The bottom line is the cost is going to be about the same either way, but the question is how much risk and liability are you willing to accept to save money? Give us the opportunity to provide a free, onsite quote in North and Central Ga. Let’s discuss how we can take all the worry out of buying peace of mind, and let us provide a turnkey installation in one day or the services you need to install your purchased generator.