We Solve Your Generator Problems Near Sandy Springs, GA

I meet with an 81 year old women today that was concerned about living by herself and didn’t feel safe. A few years ago her area had a power outage for 2 1/2 days and she had to depend on her wonderful son in law to get a used generator and get her basics running for the time being. Her husband had past away several years before and was always her protector and provider.

After the power outage had pasted she developed an increase desire to have her own backup power so she could have that peace of mind again that her husband had provided.

She called me and shared with her son in law of her desire to have a backup power system. In his kind words he told her she didn’t need to spend all that money on a generator when he could get her some backup batteries for her electric chair and garage door opener and he would always be around to help her with power for the basics.

You see she didn’t want to hurt his feelings and she felt like she was a burden to him enough as it is. She also felt her relationship with her daughter was already stranded. I thanked her and told her if her support ever changed, we would be there for her and give her the peace of mind she was missing.

Guys like me and her son in law love to fix things, but sometimes we don’t listen and understand the real problem or we try to brush it under the rug and minimize peoples feeling. Good lesson for me.